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DrainCorp's vision is being a leader in inground works and excavation throughout Australia.

Our vision is guided by the following:

  • Providing outstanding service to our clients by combining a thorough analysis with incisive decision making, to obtain the optimum result for each client.
  • Attracting and developing the best in each field of pipe layers, operators, tradesmen and labourers.

In pursuing our vision, we are building our reputation.

Tony Johnson has over 25 years of experience in the Plumbing & Drainage and Inground Hydraulic and Civil Infrastructure field. His knowledge of sewer, water and stormwater pipelines is extensive.

Janice Johnson has over 25 years of experience in the Building & Construction Industry. Her knowledge in Company Management, Accounting and Documentation is extensive.


We are developing deep and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We have acted for a number of our clients for several years completing major projects in Sydney, Canberra and Queensland.

Our clients include major plumbing and building companies. These companies are leaders of developments in their field. We are honoured that our clients can place trust in us providing safe and efficient work of excellence.

In addition to contracting for major companies, we are an accredited supplier to Sydney Water for major and minor works, confined spaces and access chambers and have contracted to government bodies. These corporations require strict safety and employment guidelines to be followed. On each and every project we focus on our clients needs, together with our safety requirements, to achieve outstanding results of excellence.

Employees and Sub-contractors

We aim to attract and retain the best tradesmen, pipelayers, machine operators and labourers.

DrainCorp endeavours to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for employees and sub-contractors at all times.

DrainCorp realizes that outstanding work requires outstanding staff. We offer our employees and sub-contractors:

  • Exciting and satisfying work that focuses on clients needs.
  • Training opportunities to allow every employee and sub-contractor the chance to reach their full potential.
  • Above award remuneration, redundancy scheme and incentives.
  • Safe and healthy working environment including OHS&R Policy, Quality Policy, Environmental Policy, site safety rules, site inductions, safety gear and training together with well maintained machinery and equipment.


DrainCorp maintains training and safety requirements for accreditation with Sydney Water together with updating employee and sub-contractor training and safety requirements as necessary.

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